2010 What Dreams May Come

Growing up on a farm in Galston, I’ve always felt most at peace working from studios set up in rural areas. For the past two years I’ve worked from a studio on a rose farm in Glenorie, a semi-rural area on the outskirts of Sydney. Helping out on the farm means lots of inspirational trips to the Sydney Flower Markets, often at 4 am. My studio location and the flower markets are a constant inspiration; they are the feeding ground for new ideas, and a place for me to source subject matter.

Within my work I explore a wide range of subjects that inspire and stimulate the creative process. My recent body of work has been heavily influenced by memory, emotion, the beautiful and sometimes strange organic forms found in nature and the erotically-charged love poems by the great Chilean writer Pablo Neruda.

Combining my passion for the actual qualities of paint and a heightened response to my subject, I apply paint gesturally in the frenzied search to find truth and meaning.