2005 Hybrid Project

The Hybrid Project is part of a collaborative series between artists Jessie Cacchillo and Craig Waddell that explores how we as humans manipulate and interact with the natural world.

We work from a studio on a rural property in New South Wales and our animal-hybrids or ‘mutants’ grew out of our interest in recycling studio waste
The sculptures, are made by sculpting left over oil paint from previous paintings over a built form, placed on a discarded painted canvas. By recycling a traditionally two dimensional material and transforming it into a three dimensional material, we, connect with and extend our painting practice into our sculptural work, and visa versa.
By reconstituting or giving new life to these discarded materials we create new animal hybrids. The intent is to explore the implications of genetic engineering and selective breeding and consider the similarities and differences between the role of the artist and that of the scientist.